Fish game


This is handmade carving with knife and punch tool on buffalo leather with natural fur and background Thai original silk.


Art – “Fish game”

This is our handmade animal art carvings from buffalo leather with natural paints and background Thai original silk. Im very like to do carving of animals – elephants, fish, cat, tiger and more.

Art work process:

  1. Handmade carving by knife and punch tool on buffalo leather, hands work more than 60 hours it is very difficult design.
  2. Paints for this art about 2 (two) hours.
  3. Thai traditional silk it is beautiful background for the art – 1 (one) hour.

Size of this carving:

WEIGHT:     300 g
DIMENSIONS: 38 cm x 0.2 x 51 cm

This our carving is capable to bring luck and harmony to your home. More carvings of animals and my art works you can see in my leather shop.

I give guaranty for my art work, every my carvings you can use forever, colours stay very strong and nothing changes in forward time in any countries.

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Weight 300 g
Dimensions 38 × 0.2 × 51 cm
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