Traditional Leather Carvings

Im a traditional master craftsman and art star from Koh Samui, have been creating custom made carvings for 20 years.

art star

These are individually carved and therefore always unique pieces. I choose my material carefully. My pictures are handmade from buffalo or cow leather.

For colouring I use very high quality acrylic paints and organic colours. These colours are waterproof and guaranteed to last permanently.

My story:

At the age of thirteen, this traditional craftsmanship was handed down to me by my grandfather in Suratthani (southern Thailand).

He was a leather carver and made shadow puppets. This craft has been practiced in my family for my generation.

My grandfather taught me the techniques of creating these traditional leather carvings.


The elephant is the traditional symbol animal of Thailand.

He also symbolises luck, happiness and prosperity. The elephant is the traditional symbol animal of Thailand.

Antique Thai details are added to the original patterns with permanent colours. This creates exquisite and unique work of art.

My work flow:

First, I draw motif on the leather. Then I punch the outlines with a punch tool. Then I take a very sharp knife to cut out the details of the pattern piece by piece.

At last, I colour the finished carved image with high quality colours.

art star

This artistry is my passion and that is what I want to express with my art work.

You can look right now this video about all my carvings process.

My customers most it is foreigners from any countries, who have traveled in Koh Samui and came to my gallery. When they bought my carvings and next brought it to home, you can see how my carving have are nice stay in any countries!


Lamp shape carving in elephants.

Some people just put my carving on the table under the glass and I think it is looking beautiful.

Thank you for your time and interest!

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Traditional craftsman and art star from Koh Samui Thailand  – Artist Mr Chaowalit.